Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 349

Mom – Day 349

Today was a long and hard day. I just read Galen’s blog and I guess we are both feeling it. I am so exhausted and I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I am usually very confident in what I do at work but I am starting to second-guess myself. I feel like I am not pulling my weight.

I haven’t heard anything from Zach. Every time the phone rings I jump but so far nothing. I am sure they all heard the news about the President’s speech. 30,000 more troops (x) 2 parents and at least one loved one = 90,000 people + 30,000 soldiers = 120,000 people (at a minimal) will be affected by this decision. I am just one thought in the field of thoughts. Okay, I am just rambling now. I do know that I have really mixed thoughts on the President’s decision but I am glad that he did make a decision and that our soldiers are not in limbo. I also know that I really feel for the women and children that are still in fear of the Taliban (and the men that are ‘made’ to control the women).

I am going to try and get some sleep.
Good night Zach (and Ash if you are reading this good-night, I love you and you better study)
Be Safe Zach

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