Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 342

Mom – Day 342

This is only day 342, I can’t imagine the rest of this blog, at least 341 more entries! For the reader, this is a Prozac blog. Everyday reading about someone’s agony must be depressing. I hope the reader has invested in some good wine or a nice cup of tea.

I find myself not watching, reading or listening to the news as much. I say it is because I am just busy but in reality, I am avoiding it a bit. I just need a little less right now. A little bit of ignorance is bliss.

Today, one of Zach’s friends stopped by the house. He helped shovel the deck and the front – today was a snow day. He stayed most of the day to include dinner. It was nice to hear everyone talking around the dinner table. It was also nice for this young man to stop by the house. I miss having all of the kids over and I hope my kids knew that I did enjoy them and their friends.

I don’t know exactly where Zach is. I am worried about him. I don’t think he got his knee pads just yet and I know that he is going to be needing them. I will feel so much better when I actually get the opportunity to speak to him. Say an extra prayer for him.

Zach, I love you – be safe

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