Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dad 348

348 days left considering the start number was 365 we are making progress! Each day is a day closer to 1 then home or at least out of Afghanistan! Lisa was happy this morning she at least got message from Zach on facebook. Every little positive makes a difference. I again need to be careful as I find myself getting short with people, I just have a hard time being patient with what I perceive as arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, and those who I feel are hindering and not helping. Normally I am patient and understanding and I don't know if it is the situation or I have just reached max acceptance. The problem is that it is at work for the most part! It is not like me to be that way, luckily I have controlled it thus far but it is getting harder. I wonder what other parents, spouses or children of those deployed feel, what about siblings how does Victoria feel, or Mina, Eline or Julie? Emptiness is creeping but it won't win I must be strong for Superman! I love you Zach and think about you every day!

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