Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 329

Mom – Day 329

I still haven’t heard from Zach. I am hoping that I will hear from him soon. Hopefully I will hear from tomorrow because I don’t think I will hear from him during the holidays.

I realize that there are times that I am always talking about Zach. Every time I see someone I give him / her updates about Zach assuming they want to hear it. I don’t do it intentionally, it just comes out. I have also noticed that there are people that don’t know what to say to me, I think they feel a bit uncomfortable. - I too have encountered those feelings in the past when you don’t know what are the right words to say to someone – It is weird for all of us. Sometimes I don’t know what to say when people come up to me and express their feelings – am I suppose to hug them, comfort them, tell them everything is going to be all right. I don’t know either.

Christmas is right around the corner, I am a little bit antsy about this. Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday ……. Day by day is all I can do.

I love you Zach – Be Safe

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  1. Thanks Lisa for letting us know that it is awkward for you too! Whenever I see you I want to ask lots about Zach and where he is, where does he sleep (barracks or tent?) how's the food, what does Afghanistan look like and what is he thinking of this whole thing????? But I don't know how much you know or if it's fair to ask or most of all, will it open the sad place and make you fall in - my last wish for you now.
    Next time, maybe tomorrow (Wed.) I see you I may ask a bit, you just have to tell me if you don't want to talk about it at the moment - I will understand. With all the love around you now I know you'll get through this Christmas thing - Ashley has become your rock, I could see it the other day, thank God. But the rest of us are in there pitching, no matter how clumsy we may be. I love you all and hope you know, I'll shut up and listen when/if you want to talk!