Thursday, December 17, 2009

334 Dad

Long day and week, I talked to a couple of Vietnam vets today sometimes it is hard to listen to other Vets who have been in combat! While I faced danger on several occasions in the military I was never engaged in direct combat! It is hard to hear them tell stories and imagine what Zach is going through now! He is only 19 it is hard to imagine what he is seeing and experiencing now as many of his friends finish up the semester in college! It will be nice to see some of them when they are home. It will be nice to see Shane as he is coming home for Christmas. He thinks he is deploying next year I hope not! Zach will be fine I know as he is superman! I pray that God will grant him the strength and the courage to do his duty and to come home safe and sound. Also that he can forget what he might see there! I love you Zach with all my heart!

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