Thursday, December 24, 2009

327 Dad

I talked to Zach just a bit ago he was just getting up we wished him Merry Christmas and he said it first as it is Christmas morning there! He is going to get a hot breakfast then MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) for the remainder of the day! He is headed somewhere that we don't know always remembering operation security and will have no showers no bathrooms sounds like fun - camping he called it! He was standing outside while talking to us he said it was clear the sun was coming up "the strangest Christmas morning he ever had". They are outside the wire (Outside the FOB or fire base, like on a mission or patrol) and no time for fancy meals or gift giving - just a few moments for personal reflection and then to work! So odd tomorrow is here, and Zach is there in tomorrow like a sci fi movie but it is real and he has 325 days and a wake-up to go! He is superman, he is so strong and told us not to worry yeah right! I miss him so much - my boy!!!! I love you Zach!

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