Monday, December 7, 2009

343 and a wake-up Dad

Thought about Zach a great deal today even though I talked to him yesterday. Words he said yesterday keep resonating in my mind, lockdowns of communications to prevent word of casualties from getting released before official notifications. This is real it is not a game, I hope all the young men and women realize that! Lisa was upset today because she could not buy Zach a PEZ dispenser for his box, because if it was lost it could be used to make a bomb by the bad guys! Again today Lisa is worried about Christmas, I told her we have to do a regular Christmas for our family and Victoria as well as Marjo! She is really stressed about numerous things and I am worried. We have to remain strong. Zach you are superman, we will be fine and strong. This is all going to go by quickly and you will have stories to tell your grandchildren Zachman! I love you and miss you!

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