Sunday, December 6, 2009

344 and a wake-up Dad

Talked to Zach and felt better. Though we were concerned when he said one of his friends was wounded and another soldier who he didn't know was killed. My heart just sank a family somewhere unknown to us right now is going to be finding out that their loved one will not be coming home! It is almost too much to take! Zach did not seem too shocked. I think they are too much on edge to think about things like that! I pray for his and his units safety. I suppose you have to become a little desensitized to keep on going! We talked to him and for us right now that is huge! I felt even better when he had me go on to set his fantasy team. He is still our little boy. I love and miss you Zach. You are superman, and I will give you the biggest hug when you see me next! I love you son, I love you, God bless you and keep you safe! Your Dad!

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