Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dad 349

Another day down! I don't really have a lot to say, just absorbing the information from the President's speech last night. More soldiers and Marines heading to Afghanistan and more families are going to spend months worrying now! I have so many feelings and emotions that are just so hard to come to terms with. I have to be strong for Lisa and the family, but at times it is a struggle. I struggle daily getting things done staying focused sometimes I just catch myself staring into the distance just wondering what Zach is up to! My job, things to finish and to work on at the house, cooking, cleaning, daily type chores keep my mind occupied,I get frustrated with things not getting done and I have to be more patient as people handle stress differently. I just seem to want - want this that or the other things done, more exercise, get my health in order, the bathroom done, and on and on..... I just need to take deep breaths and drive on! I know that Superman is keeping on keeping on and we can do the same! I love you Zach!

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