Monday, December 21, 2009

331 Dad

We talked to Zach a couple of times over the weekend. It will seem very strange not to have him here on Christmas morning as he has been for 19 years. I hope he gets the box with his presents in it before Christmas. He said time is going by fairly quickly it probably is if you’re as busy as he is on a daily basis. Perhaps there is a lesson there for all of us to help us get through this year. Stay busy and keep on keeping on, don’t dwell on what at this point you can’t change. I found it sad when Zach said that not all the soldiers are getting boxes and stuff from home, people are different and the situation they grow up in is different. I can’t imagine not sending Zach stuff or not hearing his voice once and a while. So we need to make it a point to include in the boxes stuff that Zach can share. He said that he has been getting a lot of stuff and he has a shelf that if someone needs something they can just take it from that shelf. What a good idea to help everyone but then that is Zach-man always looking out for others. He has always wanted to help others and I hope that it is the way that Lisa and I raised him that contributed to that, maybe it is why he is in Afghanistan now. It is sad in one way but very invigorating for the future of society when so many can only see the bad so many more are willing to put their lives on the line to defend all that is good. I love you Zach!

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