Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 344

Mom – Day 344

Pez – that is what did it! Today I went to Rite-Aide to pick up some things for Zach and then I went to the candy and holiday section. I was grabbing things to fill up one of Zach’s boxes when I went to grab a Pez dispenser. I always give – or should I say Santa always gives the kids a Pez dispenser for Christmas. (There are certain “musts” during certain holidays, like Kinder eggs for Easter). I went to pick out which Pez I wanted and I picked up a reindeer one (I do have Marjo from Finland living with us and she eats reindeer so I thought this would be cute) and then I thought about the container. I thought, “Oh my God” what if this Pez container could be used for something against the soldiers. I know that the Taliban goes through the garbage of the soldiers and they use their rubbish to hide bombs and other horrible things. All these things went through my head and I started to cry because I couldn’t buy his Pez dispenser. I hate it! (it – I don’t know what “it” is but I can’t erase that sentence because that is what I feel) I came home and told Galen, all in tears and then he told me “Lisa go ahead and buy it, afterwards Zach can just crush it and no one will have to worry about the container”. I know it sounds stupid but I didn’t think it through - but now I do feel better knowing that I can buy him his Christmas Pez dispenser!

I love you Zach
Be Safe

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