Monday, December 28, 2009

323 Dad

Well Christmas is past so one hurdle complete, it was nice we talked to Zach several times including with many family members present and he was able to say hi to a bunch of people. He was tired but I know he liked it. It is good for him to hear familiar voices from home. Now as we get further from Christmas and past New Year will come yet another challenge the long hard winter where more time is spent in doors and more time for thoughts to race through our minds. It will be a struggle to keep busy and keep busy I must. I have some projects to work on and I just have to get at them and do it. I have a lot of things I am going to have to do. This is how we at home have to approach this time by breaking it down into little mile stones and each time a mile stone is reached we are closer to Zach being home.

Times of crisis always seem to be exaggerated and compounded by other crisis our lives and there is no shortage of crisis in our household. While it is good to be busy sometimes it is a bit overwhelming and I feel that way a lot. My list of to do’s is far ahead of my ability to do them which keeps me busy but creates yet another crisis itself. Many things are up in the air and the degree of uncertainty is great so I must do my best to keep certainty remain strong and remember my promise to Zach. It always puts things into perspective when you consider any problem and then think about those deployed to foreign lands with no running water, no bathrooms and no hot meals. Life is pretty good!!

I wish all Americans knew how good life really is here rather than taking all we have for granted and then complaining about the rest. I guess my ability to deal with people is challenged by my feelings in that regard.

All I know is that Zach is a hero, he is superman and if little kids are looking for a role model, I cannot think of any one better. I know I am biased but he is a great kid and a wonderful son. I miss you Zach and I love you and look forward to going fishing with you again. All my love Zach! God Bless!

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