Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 50 Dad

One day closer! I received an email from Zach, he indicated his dates for redeployment and how excited he is to leave. On the other hand, he wants to go back to Carwhile, to do missions, because he said his brothers-in-arms in the Dog Co. of the 1st BN, 503rd Parachute Infantry are still out there. So is Attack Company, and Zach indicated if they are still out there conducting missions they need the Recon guys out there. Incredible, he is ready to go home to leave Afghanistan, and yet there are still troops in the field. We cannot understand the devotion to duty, honor and brotherhood that these brave people live by.

I know it is not what Lisa wants to hear, but Zach would make an incredible Army officer, he has a sense of commitment and love of country that is interspersed within him and being a caring incredibly driven person who is far wiser in common sense than his years would indicate. Zach you are my hero, you are superman and I love you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 51

Mom – Day 51

No word from Zach yet. We are all patiently waiting to hear from Zach and to hear that he is at FOB Shank. Finally, we are waiting to hear that he is in Germany. The wait!!!
I had this longer blog post but in the end I deleted it. Sometimes this blog is so Prozac, so depressing. Sometimes the delete button is okay.

I love you Zach

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

don't forget-Matt Hennigan, RIP

Day 52

Mom – Day 52

Zach has been fighting in the Sayed Abad district in the Wardak province and in this vicinity for almost a year now. This area is still active with the Taliban. Zach mentioned in an email that although point A to point B might only be a 10 minute drive, only a few miles apart, they might as well me a 100 miles apart because it is too dangerous to just go from A to B. This is what he is telling me after being there for a year! July of 2011 is nine months away; I cannot imagine that in nine months someone will be able to get from point A to point B in 10 minutes. Next year we will all find out if all of the sacrifices our military did was all in vain or not. What about Zach’s friend Matt Hennigan, who should of turned 21 the 21st of this month, did he die for nothing? I am still fighting internally with not understanding why we are there. Are we there to help those that can’t fight for themselves? Are we there to get rid of the terrorists (this is assuming that they all live in one country)? I just don’t get it. I know that many of the Afghan people are finally seeing some hope of living a normal life after decades of war but I wonder if this is enough. I guess time will answer some of my questions.

I love you Zach

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 53

Mom – Day 53

Dal is finally home from the hospital (I don’t know how he did it, somehow he convinced the doctor). Although he is out of the hospital he is still under strict doctor’s care.
Zach emailed Dal and I today. Zach did say that he is finally at COP Carwile and he will be off to Shank soon. “ I am heading to FOB shank tomarra packing up the last of my gear. I am keeping just enough stuff for the next few weeks. I am hoping I will head back here to do a few more missions once I am done my business at shank. Our team has done some really good work especially this last month……………..I want to make sure I have my things right when I get to Germany. Like already here, I don’t have the right clothes. We where supposed to leave this month but kept pushing it further away. I shipped most of my cold weather gear. During the day it gets up into the 90's but at night its goes sometimes into the 20's. I woke up the other day on the side of the mountain covered in frost. I might have to buy some stuff when I get to shank. Well thats about it. I miss you guys, hope all is well.”

Zach I love you

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 54

Mom – Day 54

Dal is still in the hospital☹ I am not sure when they will release him. I did not enjoy this weekend with him in the hospital. We also tried calling Zach today. I wanted Galen to have a chance to speak to him but the calls did not go through. I don’t know where he is, I hope he made it to his COP and maybe he is back at FOB Shank (but I doubt it).
Today is “ Gold Star Mother’s Day”. The Gold Star represents a son or daughter that has been killed in the line of duty. (the Blue Star signifies that a member of their family is serving in the Armed Forces during a time of war). This must be a hard day today for the Mothers and families of these fallen men and women.

Zach I love you

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 55

Mom – Day 55

Dal woke me up at 1 a.m. to take him to the hospital. His diverticulitus has acted up again. He has been so stressed out about Zach’s final days in Afghanistan. I think the stress caused this flare up. He is not a good patient in the hospital because he is not patient and he had a football game to coach (one of his passions). He was happy to hear that I did get in touch with Zach today. Zach has not had the opportunity yet to get to his COP, which he needs to get to before he can get a chopper to take him to FOB Shank.

I love you Zach

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 56 Dad

As I looked at the world today, I was amazed by what is around us, life just rambles on no one seems to care what else is going on. We are such a me planet, despite how much we have so many – too many are just fixated on me and what I don’t have. These thoughts have been nagging me over the time that Zach has been in Afghanistan, probably because we couldn’t just pick up a phone any time or visit just to give him a hug.

So much is taken for granted but I look at the world so differently now, I am still the ardent fiscal conservative I have always been and still the fiscally conscious social moderate that I have always been but I give thanks for what I have. I have become much less consumed with worrying about what others have. My family is what makes me who I am. While I will work to enjoy some material things primarily I will work to be able to enjoy my family. This spring as Lisa and I struggled with numerous issues some associated with Zach, I started this transformation and it has helped me cope.

Since this spring I really have begun to look at the world differently. I am blessed to have all the love I have from my wife, my children and the many exchange kids who have come into our home and into our family. I love them all deeply, and feel that I am the richest man in the world.

Even today as I feel my diverticulitis acting up probably due to the stress I feel knowing how close Zach is to being out of Afghanistan my tenseness is somewhat comforted as I look around at the pictures of my beautiful family (A gift from Victoria – Thank you!). And as Zach’s time in Afghanistan winds down I must transform as I talked about yesterday, but to keep my perspective on things, continue to live for the love of my family, and give thanks to God my creator for my blessings. What a year it has been eyes opened, things changed – remained the same or perhaps just a different light that shines upon them.

Zach you are superman, you are my hero, and I love you bud!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 57 Dad

I saw on Facebook that some members of the 173rd Special Troops BN (Airborne) started arriving back in Bamberg Germany where they are stationed. I got an email from Zach he completed his last scheduled combat mission. He is working his way back to Forward Operating Base Shank. Zach indicated it won't feel good until his feet are on the ground in Germany. He was concerned that the rest of his team remains out in the field for a couple more missions.

I am still tense, still concerned it has become part of me to fell this way it is part of who I am now. It is weird but some part of my days is consumed with all things military, political, what is Afghanistan and who the taliban and al queda are. I feel like as Zach transitions from a being in a combat mode to just being a soldier, our family must also transition from a wartime family to just being a family.

Almost there! You are my hero Zach, you are superman and I love you bud!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 58 Dad

“I found out what a Dragunov rifle sounds like!” This is how Zach started our conversation on Sunday. A Dragunov is Russian designed sniper rifle which is made by several countries for export now. While he was engaged in a firefight, Zach said he was targeted by a sniper who thankfully missed. He said this so casually and with little emotion in either direction. The weekend was one of the worst he had seen in Afghanistan with firefights almost continuously as the “peace-loving” taliban attempted to disrupt the elections. Zach described one particular incident which occurred over the weekend where the taliban tied an informant to two vehicles and then they were driven in opposite directions to send a message to anyone about collaborating with the Americans. Zach said he heard that more children were killed by the taliban for simply talking to the Americans. Then more disturbing news that he was unable to engage the enemy all day yesterday despite the constant barrage of bullets and rocket propelled grenades being fired at them. What in the %^&$ is that?

This ^%$# has to stop and we need to either kill the bad guys to send them a message or get out. Zach said they know how to fight with out provoking a response from the Americans due the constrictive rules of engagement the Americans must follow. Zach said he is very worried about this type of warfare and how those arriving to replace him will be able to stay safe. Our intent was to rid that land of al queda and the taliban then that is what we should do! If a round is fired at our men and women in uniform we respond to ensure no second round will be fired. Other wise this is all just a song and dance that is resulting in the death and dismemberment of a generation of young people.

Zach was also very upset about the so-called pastor in Florida who was going to burn the Qur’an. He was pissed because of what was happening in Afghanistan, they were never told the burning did not happen so the animosity toward the Americans was very high. He felt that he was fighting there for freedom for all people and to end oppression. He felt the book burning was just another way to oppress and that Americans we’re better than that. It was interesting to hear his prospective on the mosque at ground zero which he also says is causing a stir and just the war in general. He is very principled and believes that he is fighting for freedom and to free an oppressed people but if we don’t exercise the same principles that we want others to follow then what is it all for? Very wise words from one so young but heed we must as he is on the saber point of that struggle for freedom.

God Bless all of our men and women in uniform. You are superman, I love you Zach!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 59

Mom – Day 59

I spoke to my girlfriend Becky today and she was telling me how she was happy that Zach would be getting out of Afghanistan soon. She said that only to find out that another dear friend of hers will have their son leaving for Afghanistan soon. I told her that maybe he will not be in the direct combat areas but then she said that this young man is a medic, he will be a combat medic. My heart went out to this young man and his family because that is a very dangerous job. This year is the deadliest year of the war.
On Facebook today I looked at Robert Golden’s page (my friend’s Mary son who is stationed in Afghanistan where Zach is but they do not know each other) and he posted a video that is a tribute to one of our fallen soldiers. The soldier is Vinson Bryon Adkinson born 12/13/1983 and died 8/31/2010. He was a friend of Roberts – it is so hard to see this wonderful person so full of life, recently married with so much still to do and now he is gone. At the beginning of this video tribute there was this quote “It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protestor to burn the flag.” --Father Dennis Edward O’Brian, USMC

I love you Zach

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 60

Mom – Day 60

I haven’t really felt like writing in a long time. I am writing because I feel I need to but I don’t have my heart into it. I am antsy and I don’t know what to say or think. Most people don’t really ask about Zach anymore (although there are the regulars!) and I understand that because it has been almost one year. I usually bring it upon myself to start talking about him, those that I think might want to hear but they are not sure to ask anymore. I am getting use to Zach being in Afghanistan but it is still hard for me knowing that he always seems to be in a combat zone, always on alert. I don’t cry everyday now and I have starting wearing regular mascara (I swear I thought my eyelashes were disappearing) but I have chewed off my fake nails and starting right into chewing my fingernails. I feel like I need to do something! I light candles of the Virgin Mary, thinking it can’t hurt and I still wear the cross of my Mother’s ashes every single day. We did speak to Zach on Sunday for over an hour. At first we spoke to him for about 10 seconds – we had to call back later – but I was so relieved to hear his voice. I knew that voting day was going to be bad but it was really bad. Zach is so distraught about the whole situation in Afghanistan. He spoke about how the Taliban tie up ‘informants’ to two different vehicles and drive off until their body is split apart, or how the Taliban hang children just for talking to the Americans – it is so disgusting. Zach is tired; it is time for him to leave.

I love you Zach

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 61 Dad

We talked to Zach today and he was very tired, he indicated the last 3 days have been hell with firefights almost continuously. He said there was a polling station and 200 yards away was a firefight. He indicated there was more of not being able to return fire. He is worried about the new units arriving and wondered if there was any end in sight.

Wow we take voting for granted and there it could be life or death literally.

You are superman, I love you so much Zach!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 62

Mom – Day 62

I don’t think that I have to say much to know that I am nervous – Zach is out on a mission in heavy body armor, the Afghan people are voting, and the Taliban are trying to prevent people from voting. I will be so relieved to hear from Zach.

I love you Zach

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 63 Dad

Well the months are turning to days, and days will turn hours, but it seems to drag now. I so look forward to hear Zach's voice from Germany! He is so ready and as I read the posts on Facebook all of them are ready to leave. All so young and now seasoned combat veterans. A whole generation of young men have grown up in the far off lands of Iraq and Afghanistan. Gone as boys back as men! God bless them!

We all owe them a debt of gratitude, but the people of those lands owe them even more. The debts owed to this generation of Americans is far greater than can ever be repaid. Just once I would like to hear one of these so called religious leaders of Islam say thank you! Will it happen? Probably not.

Zach you are my hero, you are superman, I miss you so much and love you with all my heart!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 64 Dad

“Conspicuous gallantry performed above and beyond the call of duty”, this is part of the prerequisites for the nation’s highest military combat honor, aptly deemed the “Medal of Honor”. SSG Salvatore Giunta who served two tours in Afghanistan with the 2nd Bn of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team (the brigade that Zach serves with) is going to be presented with the MOH in an October 6th ceremony. As a 22 year old specialist he ran into a wall of bullets to save the lives of two of his fellow soldiers. One of the soldiers was being carried off by taliban members who he killed and then pulled the wounded soldier back to safety. While the soldier eventually died of his wounds his family was grateful that his body could come home for final rest. The actions of SSG Giunta on that day 2 years ago resulted in his then Company Commander to recommend him for the award.

22 years old, and he acted with complete disregard for his own safety to save the lives of his brother’s in arms. I am so glad that he is getting this award as it is so rightly earned, and I hope that it is covered by the media. To quote a politician “This is a big F#@$ing deal!” I wonder how many more acts of incredible heroism are performed by our military members and that are never recognized other than by a few people who are there. We as civilians may never know the true extent of the sacrifice of our brave people in uniform. We can only be thankful that they are willing to make that sacrifice for freedom and for our nation. It is the individual who has made this nation great and free and as long as we have those who are willing to be that buffer between freedom and tyranny, between the light and the darkness then we will always be great.

Thank you to all who have served in our military, all who have raised that right hand to protect our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Zach you are my hero, you are superman, I love you bud.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 65

Mom – Day 65

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.
Mother Teresa

Wisdom is the best guide and faith is the best companion. One must try to escape from the darkness of ignorance and suffering, and seek the light of Enlightenment.
Dalai Lama

I believe that the atrocities the Taliban has done to the women and children of Afghanistan will one day cease. They are not forgotten. I pray that the Taliban’s new twist on trying to ensue riots will be recognized as another ploy to try and gain control for their abusive regime. I pray that the Afghan people have the strength to stand up for their beliefs, to provide a better life for their women and less fortunate.

I am waiting to hear Zach tell me that he finished his last mission. I am so nervous – I feel like I have to say extra prayers and make sure my candle is lit.

I love you Zach

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 66 Dad

I find myself more preoccupied than ever. Each day sometimes is a struggle in all that I do. I have a hard time concentrating and more often than not I am staring out into space nothingness just daydreaming. As the days and hours grow short here and the darkness of the night however still and peaceful is the ruler of the 24 hours of a calendar day, I still am hoping for quickness in the dial. I can’t talk about it many feel the mother is the one who is most affected by having a child at war, but it is the whole family. The feeling is woven into every fabric of our day and is never far from our thoughts. Even our extended family of all our exchange kids is affected; they know Zach and I am sure that at some point if not more than simply seeing the news from Afghanistan they think of him.

His time in that hell is drawing down and for all of us it will be a great relief when he calls or emails us from his home base in Germany. We all worry about our children, we want the best for them and it is so hard as a parent to know that your child is in harms way in a nation were probably most people don’t trust him or may not even like him, and where many would do him harm is sometimes bordering on unbearable. You rely on your faith in God and closeness of family to get through. I am thankful for my family for Lisa who strong when I am not and hopefully I am the same for her. I am thankful to be able to spend a couple of hours with some young football players everyday as that is something I enjoy and share with Zach. Perhaps if he goes to a local school he can help me coach next year.

Zach and I have always been close as we enjoy so many of the same things. He and his mom are close and Zach is such a family kid. A kid? He is now a combat veteran who will probably be different, but I can hear the kid in him from time to time hopefully with time away from the images of war being a kid is all he will have to worry about for a while. Until school starts and studying…….

I look forward to watching football, finally going to Fenway park with him, even though we will over pay for the tickets and him just being at home for family get-together’s and challenging me to cooking duels. It is so close to happening yet it seems so far, my heart yearns for the clock to spin and time to fly!

Zach you are my hero, you are superman, I love you with all my heart.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 67

Mom – Day 67

I just read Dal's last two posts - I guess we had similar thoughts going through our heads - I wrote this blog entry prior to reading Dal's entries. -

All we hear in the news is about the building of a mosque (community center) near ground zero. I hear over and over how Muslims will be upset around the world thinking the US is anti-Muslim if it is not constructed. Then I read on the Internet how there are protests in Kabul. The protesters are chanting “death to Christians” and to the Americans. Then I wonder, what is my son doing in Afghanistan? Is he not there trying to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? The direct benefit, and immediate benefit, would be to the people of Afghanistan – the children, the women of Afghanistan. The majority of the people living in Afghanistan and Iraq are Muslims. I also wonder how tolerant are the countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia – do I need to continue – how tolerant are these countries to other religions? I will never forget watching people jumping from one of the Twin Towers because these people decided that they were going to end their lives on their terms. I remember the fear that we all felt on 9/11 and this fear was presented to us by radical “MUSLIMS” not radical Christians or another radical groups. Honestly, I would rather see that we leave all of those countries alone and pull out of everywhere – Iraq and Afghanistan. If they don’t want us there then we should leave. I am so angry.
At the same time that I am so ANGRY and disgusted that my son is fighting in a place that no one seems to care about, I also feel that the bi-product of this war is a better place for the women and children of Afghanistan. I tell myself that many of these women and children have no voice; we only seem to hear the voices that want to silence all that don’t agree with them. Greg Mortenson and Khaled Hosseini’s books really give me hope that one day there will be a difference in the lives of some of these women and children. I love the quote that Mortenson uses in his book, Stones into Schools, where he quotes a saying from Africa that goes like this, “You educate a boy and you educate an individual, you educate a girl and you educate a community.” I really believe that a woman can make a huge impact on society. It is the woman who gives birth and nurtures her child (given the opportunity – since many children are sent to Madrassas). The woman is often taken out of the equation as being not as important, not as smart, etc. but I think this where something went wrong.
I have to have hope and Mortenson has shown me that there are some people in these countries that want a better life.

I love you Zach

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 68 Dad

We talked to Zach today and it is hard, he is so close and still going out on missions and has been tasked with yet another. What a trooper tired yet he goes on. This evening we went up to see one of Zach's friends who is in the Marines and is now home from Okinawa, and will be headed to Cherry Point NC for his next duty station. His mom was saying that it was hard for her to send him off and that she couldn't imagine how we felt with Zach in Afghanistan.

The military is a hard transition for those serving and their families. These young men and women are charged to do incredible things with incredible equipment, Then they come home and they are kids again pampered by parents and just hanging out. How sad that these young people who are old enough to fight for others freedom in a foreign country are not even free to have a beer in their own. I just don't get it! These young people have earned special privileges.

They should have our respect we should honor them and never forget the sacrifice they make daily leaving childhood behind! All Americans should be thankful, freedom it is not free! Thank God that there have always been those willing to fight for it and defend it!

Zach you are my hero, you are superman and I love you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 70 Dad

"They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous population whose homes and possessions they either destroy or occupy. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. The locals are terrified of them. The police rarely come to their aid, nor do the politically correct media or government. Both are terrified by the criminals and terrorists who are riding these immigrant waves.

I am not talking about illegal immigrants to Europe or North America. I am describing Muslims who are penetrating India’s West Bengal region. These Bangladeshi immigrants are becoming conduits for criminal activities (arms, drugs, and sexual slavery) which also fund global jihad.

You won’t read about this in the Western mainstream media—or even in the Indian media, which has turned a blind eye to this ongoing tragedy because they are afraid to be labeled “politically incorrect” or “Islamophobic.” They are also afraid of reprisals. When Islamic zealots ransacked the office of the renowned newspaper, ‘The Statesman’ in Kolkata, in retaliation for a mere reproduction of an article condemning Islamic extremism, the Indian press remained silent. The editor and publisher of the newspaper were arrested for offending muslim sentiments and no action was taken against the rioters." By Phyllis Chesler in an op-ed.

Much the same as those who oppose the mosque in New York “Islamophobia” is a term made up to give radicals victim status. When are people going to stand and say why aren’t the Muslims tolerant, why don’t they understand that placing a mosque near the sight of such a horrific event perpetuated by other muslims causes such angst among others? I am tired hearing that they are protesting or threatening because of the threat of some whack job burning the Quran or because of a cartoon. And now the man who wants to build in NY basically threatens that if they don’t build there there will be reprisals and protests. Great what about us, I don’t give a damn about people who are perpetually fighting and whining, especially when our country has done more to bring freedom and justice to these people than they have done for them selves. We do more to assist muslims when tragedy strikes than other oil rich muslim nation! They sit back fat rich and happy then have the "audacity" to complain. Enough is enough!

Sorry Rosie O’Donnell you can say that radical Christians are as bad as radical muslims, but I beg to differ! Let’s just look at the last 100 years please explain to me Rosie how you claim this statement to be true when you look at the acts of terror, the beheadings, the floggings, stonings and the violent attacks on India. Please draw the comparison for me as I am not seeing it.

I am sick and tired of political correctness, my son is fighting to protect these people and if they don't appreciate it than I have nothing for them and we as a nation have done enough.

God bless America and God bless our troops. We have done so much good in the world and this far outweighs the mistakes we have made.

You are superman, I love you so much Zach!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 71

Mom – Day 71

Today Dal received an email from Zach. It is always good when we hear something from him. He was really tired. He said that out on this last mission, he was lucky to get three hours of sleep in a day.

I love you Zach

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 72

Mom – Day 72

The bounty on the heads of our American soldiers really worries me. Do you know what you can do with a thousand dollars in Afghanistan, or the six thousand for a vehicle? I just read Dal’s post so I am repeating a lot of what he said but I don’t care, I just can’t get it out of my mind. The last time I spoke to Zach the television was on mute and there flashing before my eyes was this news (although I had read it on the Internet already). I decided not to say anything to Zach and I really don’t know what he knows about this if anything. I do think that he will eventually find out about it because word does eventually get around. As it is, this past summer has been horrible with respect to all of the casualties.

Zach is so ready to finish up and do some normal things and meet up with some girls☺ The numbers are getting smaller!

I love you Zach

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 73 Dad

Well the wonderful peaceful intentioned government of Iran is offering $1000 for each American killed by the taliban and $5000 for each vehicle destroyed. Additionally, the wonderful peace loving Iranians kicked out several International Atomic Energy Inspectors for asking questions and inquiring about some tests and experiments being run outside the scope of the production of power. Nothing to worry about though. RIGHT??

Furthermore the Iranians are holding and torturing a woman suspected of adultery, and now possibly in the murder of her husband, of course no proof but then none is needed. This woman was given 99 lashes because a newspaper in Britain I believe it was the London Times showed pictures of her with out her head scarf. Turns out it was not her but then we can't take back the lashes can we? Maybe Ahmendinazad should get some lashes for impersonating a human being? She is awaiting a sentence of death by stoning as soon as Ramadan is over. Unbelievable!!!

I am being convinced that the difference in culture and the mentality is too far different for there ever to be meaningful relations with these countries. I just don't get why so many want to placate these thugs.

If my son was not involved via the military I would only say that they can all just kill each other and go to hell. It is harsh but it is how I feel. But the thugs in charge will not leave us alone, they will push. How far will we bend??

Zach you are my hero, you are superman and I love you with all my heart!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 74 Dad

We tried to reach Zach several times over the weekend. Today we were finally able to talk to him. He is so ready to leave and believes he only has about 3 weeks or so out in the Combat out post. That is a small outpost that the army uses to conduct missions from and is kind of out by itself. He is been there for most of the summer. He also said most of the time he has left will be out in the field. He will be glad when his tour comes to an end and so will his parents.

Today we had a nice ride looking for moose and just sightseeing. It was nice and I had football practice this evening. I took Zach's jeep because it is good to run plus I feel closer to Zach when I drive it and I need to feel close to him.

You are superman, I love you so much Zach.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 76

Mom – Day 76

Today’s entry will be from Facebook. We couldn’t get through to Zach today to speak to him but we noticed that he did have the opportunity to go on Facebook today. He hasn’t been on Facebook for a long long time (a couple of months). Dal posted a comment about the causalities that the 173rd suffered the other day and Zach posted the following:
“Yeah it inverted the blast hull of the MATV. It was extremely small IED too. The MATV are the new version of the MRAP. These are the trucks we use. The MATV's are completely replacing the MRAPS. These MATV's have been known to be a lot weaker then expected and weaker then the MRAP. However despite this they are fielding only MATV's now because that’s the new contract....”

I love you Zach

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 77

Mom – Day 77

The first football game for our school is today. I don’t particularly enjoy football, nor do I really understand it but I tend to go to most of the games. Football season, ski season and lacrosse season make me think a lot of Dal and Zach. Although Zach and Dal talk and watch almost every sport, these sports are events that I seem to attend at the High School level. It gives me an opportunity to be part of a bond (sports) that I would not otherwise be part of. At the High School when the kids play these sports, they are so excited and emotional about it – as if it were the most important thing in the world. There is a sense of innocence about it. There is also the feeling that one belongs to a community. Zach and Dal still email about sports here at the High School and I know that that is a time where that sense of innocence and community take over the thoughts of Zach’s everyday life in Afghanistan. Many times, one can take a look at sports and leisure activities to get a better understanding of one’s culture and way of thinking. Sports can say a lot about one’s character and what is important. – of course this is coming from someone that doesn’t watch sports but I try and pay attention to something!

I love you Zach and I miss you

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 78

Mom – Day 78

I haven’t written in the blog for a bit. The numbers of causalities don’t seem to end. I am just super antsy. Zach has been in black out because they lost men. I do know that Robert (my friend Mary’s son who is also in Afghanistan near Zach) lost some friends. My prayers go out to the families – I feel so bad for so many reasons.

I love you Zach

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 79 Dad

I saw a small snippet in the news today concerning the possible use of Chemical weapons against schools for girls and classes that are offered specifically for girls in Afghanistan. Blood tests taken from the victims involved indicate small quantities of agricultural compounds that can be used to produce the deadly VX gas. The taliban had threatened such activities earlier and it appears they are becoming proficient enough to practice. The entire situation continues to amaze me. Lisa has done extensive reading on the treatment of women in this society and now to read this was most disturbing. What is it that makes these people believe that they can just treat others with such disdain and contempt then murder based on their whacked out beliefs. Do they feel that the Koran is teaching them this, or is it misguided religious leaders or is that they just feel weak and need to exert power to make themselves feel better? I really don’t get it.

The bottom line is that the taliban is evil and they have no desire to see any improvements for average person in Afghanistan. More than likely Al Qaeda is very similar in structure and what they are trying to accomplish. I also took a look at PressTV which is the Iran english news agency basically a propaganda arm. They call America bullies who need to get beat up in Iran, I wonder how many Americans who hate us post on that website? I often wonder why people who hate what made this country great continue to live here - just move! I don't like the Hollywood elites who threaten to leave but never do why??? how about $$$$$, Alec Baldwin can just leave.

4 more Americans were killed today - are we worth their sacrifice, is our nation worth it, is Afghanistan and it's people worth it?

You are superman, I miss you Zach and I love you with all my heart!