Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 324

Mom – Day 324

It is already past 11 pm – like Lisa, I am a procrastinator! Many times, today being one of them, I procrastinate on purpose. In my head I have so many things that I want to say that I am overwhelmed by it, and then I dread the decision making -> which direction do I want to go tonight, what should I say. As I am writing this I haven’t made up my mind yet. Should I talk about Barbara and how sad she looked this morning before her boy left to go back to Ft. Bragg; how I wish she wasn’t so sad. Or maybe I should talk about my new friend Mary and how fortunate I feel to have met her, with both of our boys being in Afghanistan. Then my mind is also thinking about my family that invited me to see them and share with them some of the Christmas spirit and I was “just there”. I am also thinking about my sister and her kids, constantly texting me because they want to speak to Zach and I have to say that they can’t right now – what a scrooge I am. Maybe I should talk about the pictures I just put on Facebook, they are of last Christmas when I had my kids here, my sister and her family and Eline (my girl from Holland). Or maybe I should write about that I am worried about the toll this is taking on everyone, to include my husband who looks so ………? Now I am just crying again. I guess I found what I wanted to write about, a smorgasbord of my thoughts and feelings.

I love you Zach, don't ever forget that - Be Safe
Love Mama

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