Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 325

Mom – Day 325

Today I am reflecting on yesterday.
I had the opportunity to speak to Zach with our immediate family. It was so nice just to hear his voice. He was somewhere in Afghanistan on duty so it was a treat that we were able to get in touch with him. Later in the day Zach had the opportunity to hear from the rest of the family and even from some of his friends that stopped by the house. I think Zach was so happy to hear from his family and friends on Christmas day. With that said, I think he must of felt a little sad that he wasn’t with us and maybe even a little envious of us here, all together on Christmas day and he is over there by himself. – I am not originally from this area so I remember many times when we first moved here, getting phone calls from my family down south and I was a bit envious of them because they were all together. Not an evil envy but that natural envy that all of us have even when we don’t want it to pop out. - I felt sad that Christmas was like any other day for him. I hope he really knows that he is loved and that we were sad that he wasn’t with us.

I did feel so much better that I was able to speak to Zach yesterday. I also felt a little guilty that I was able to speak to him when there were so many soldiers unable to speak to their loved ones. I hope they know that there are many people out here that think of all of them and their sacrafice.

I love you Zach – Be Safe

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