Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Title - 365 days

I am a mom of a soldier that is leaving for Afghanistan on Sunday, November 15th, 2009. He has orders for deployment to Afghanistan for 365 days. I decided to start writing a blog (with my husband) so that I can have a venue to express what I am feeling. Although I am so proud of my son for doing what he feels is right to do for his country, I personally have mixed feelings. I have so many thoughts running through my head that I know I can't express it all - here - in written form.

I sometimes don't know if I should keep up with the news because it is so depressing and frustrating. I don't know what our mission is, what is our interest there - I just don't know. I sometimes think about the history of our presence in Afghanistan and our relationship with Pakistan or the injustice posed on the young women and children of Afghanistan and then I realize that "I" just justified our mission there. Then I snap out of it, and let my mind stop wondering and I am back to reality - I don't know what our mission is and why we are sending our young men and women out to fight. I need something to grab onto, to believe, to justify, to pacify my mind and heart. I wonder sometimes if I am "bad" for thinking this way, after all I am proud of my son and his choice to serve his country and I cannot feel what my son feels or his fellow peers in the military. I do know that I LOVE HIM with all of my heart and soul. I do know that I will try my best to send forward my positive thoughts and my prayers. And I pray that our Commander and Chief, Mr. President, remembers that my boy is out there fighting for us (one day it might be one of his children fighting for our country).

I love you Zach.

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  1. Wow..I am so humbled by your honesty..what a great blog and a great idea...this is a good thing for you and for everyone who loves you...and Zach...peace