Thursday, November 26, 2009

355 Dad

Thanksgiving a day of thanks yet for me a day for a wish and a prayer! It was odd to eat today as we had Thanksgiving with Zach only three weeks ago! The conversation with Zach brought it back around. I am truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for! My lovely wife, my kids Victoria and Zach, and my extended kids: Mina, Eline, Julie, Marjo, Yackeline, Nestor and Cuauhtemoc. All have had a wonderful impact on my life and each is special to me! I have a good job and a good life. Thankful but wishful; was very pleased to talk to Zach today, but stressed to learn Zach spent part of his day in a bunker as his outpost was under attack! That makes me focus on the important things. I want to be there to protect him but have faith in him and his comrades! I know he will be ok not just thinking positive but he is superman! I say it over and over but I believe it! My head spins sometimes but I can't let the stress of this win and I won't because what ever I feel, is nothing compared to what Zach is enduring and we have to be strong for him and each other! God bless you Zach and keep you safe! I love you bud!

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