Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 356

Mom – Day 356

It is funny to date this blog backwards, always having to count backwards. With this said it is somewhat rewarding like when you workout and you are on that stair-master. I always want to know how much time I have left, never the other way around. When I am on the stair-master and I look at the time going down I know that I can endure the time on clock so I keep moving. This blog is like that stair-master, I know how many days I have to endure and at the end I know I did it!

This morning was great because Zach called me and we got to speak for about an hour and a half. When I finished speaking to him, I really felt good – I felt relieved that I spoke to him. He is very limited with Internet access but at least I know. I know how he is doing and something about his life now. I thought that hearing his voice would calm my emotions but I am still like a faucet – on, off, on, off. Tomorrow will be Zach’s first Thanksgiving without his family.

I Love you Zach – Be safe
Love Mama

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