Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 357

Mom – Day 357

I am so tired today and I don’t want to be sad. I can’t stop worrying but I need to keep thinking positive. I need to … I don’t know?

I don’t understand how people can hate people (that they don’t know) so much that they would prefer that he/she would be killed. I don’t understand hatred and the lack for the value of life. With all this said, there are so many people with love, compassion and courage in this world. For example, imagine the courage of the women who lived under the Taliban rule that wanted to continue their education. These women risked their lives under the “Golden Needle Sewing School” where they would secretly continue their studies. People still believe in humanity, they still love, and they still feel compassion.

I want to thank everyone who still keeps my family and me in mind. I want to thank my girlfriend that always leaves me a note or something that lets me know she is there with me - my son’s friend that wrote me an email that brought tears to my eyes – the hugs, emails, calls, cards from my family, friends, colleagues, host family, and strangers. I especially want to thank you for letting me vent and listening.

I love you Zach – be safe
Love your Mama

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  1. Lisa,
    Hope you can feel the love I'm sending from here in Conn. I say a prayer every morning as I awake, for Zach and for you guys. Glad you are getting support from so many friends. Please add me to the list! I love all you guys.