Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 360

Mom - Day 360

I finally slept. I have been so exhausted that it is so so nice to finally be able to sleep. Galen got up early in the morning and he got a deer. I am sure he wishes Zach were here to be with him. Waking up feeling better, my mind is going a mile a minute.

Today I want my readers to respond, to comment. I want to tell you that I might be Zach’s mom but I don’t know what I am suppose to be doing! I need help. I am sure that some of you must know someone that has a son or daughter, friend, cousin or someone that has been there! I need to know things. I am asking for help. I started a list of things that I think he might need, but I got that list by asking my girlfriends and family. You might have some suggestions. Tell me what you think he might need and this way I can share this information. What are things that they may need or want, are there certain things that are not a good idea to send, maybe you have some additional packing ideas. I also need to know little things like what is normal, what is a normal wait time of not hearing anything from him. I don’t know where or if there is a “Unit” for all of us Moms out here throughout the US with their children out fighting. I don’t have that support team telling me what to do or how to cope. I know people are trying to help but this is a way you can help me. I’ll start putting together lists of what is needed and when. Sometimes it sounds so stupid but I don’t know or I am not sure (like I guess it makes sense that they use US postage to mail us a letter because they are on a US post?) Remember as Moms, we worry about all these little goofy things like, how can we send cookies, what is the best packaging, what type of moisturizing cream do they need, can we send them razors? And you guys are not off the hook either because you think different. I don’t know really what you think but I know that Galen thinks about things that never enter my mind and visa versa. So today’s blog is for your help.

Zach, be safe. I love you
Xoxoxo – your Mama

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  1. I have had some friends ask for baby wipes and drink mixes(like you put in bottled water). The Pringles cans work well to package cookies. Just a few ideas...