Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 352

Mom - Day 352

I was hoping to hear from Zach today but I didn’t. Today Zach’s friend Shane left to go back to Ft. Bragg and I am secretly praying he doesn’t go to Afghanistan. I know if he gets called to go, he will not hesitate. The reason for my secret prayers is because I don’t want his family to go to bed every night wondering how their son is. I am proud of our kids and I know they are proud serving our country but I am still a mom.

Today I focused on getting a box ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. I felt good because I felt productive. I did have to go into town to pick up something for Zach at one of the local shops. I left that shop knowing that I will never shop there again. The shopkeeper knew that my son is in Afghanistan and I think he thought I wanted to hear his take on the military and how people in the military feel, his views on President Bush, President Obama, and he just didn’t stop. I was a bit embarrassed because by now people were in the shop. I think he thought he “figured me out”, he thought he knew me, my views, my morals so he kept on talking, thinking he was going to cure me of something. I finally had to say a few choice words – not the ones I really wanted to say. This reminded me of a comment one of my girlfriends said – “regardless of what peoples views are, people support the troops” and I agreed with her at the time she made this comment. Now, I know that this is not always the case.

For the most part, I do believe that as Americans we are proud of our soldiers and we do support them. I feel in my heart that most people put aside their political views and value the service our military men and women do on behalf of our country. Thank you.

Love you Zach – Be safe
Love your Mama

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