Sunday, November 29, 2009

352 Dad

Another day down 351 and a wake-up, or by now for Zach it is already 350 and a wake-up. It matters as we are one day closer to Zach being home safe and sound. I wish we could have talked to him, but we have to understand there may be many days we can't talk to him. So I must salute my flag and say my prayer and tell him hello and keep the faith. I am sure that he hears it and knows that mom and dad along with his family, friends and many others are praying for him and wishing him well! Shane is going back today his family unsure of what will happen with his unit! The disaster that is the Obama Administration will conduct its political dog and pony show for the lame stream media, Shane and many other young men and women could be deployed. I pray that this bunch of bumblers decide weather they are going to fish or cut bait! I can only hope they understand the magnitude of their decisions and care as much for the troops as the troops care for their country. I love you Zach, you are Superman, I miss you!

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