Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 358

Mom – Day 358

Today I woke up with the news on and my heart fell. I heard that 4 more American soldiers were killed Sunday, YESTERDAY ☹ I believe three of the soldiers were killed in the Helmand Province, in the district of Musa Qala – this is north of Kábul. I think all the families with their loved ones fighting in our wars are always tuned into the news. I still don’t know why we are out there and I am still praying that President Obama knows what he is doing. I pray every night for strength and strength for our leaders. I get frustrated hearing that it has been 86 days since Gen. McChrystal let our President know what his needs were for our troops. The new deadline that I am now hearing is that the President will make a decision before the year ends. I hope our President prays every night for our military and our fallen men and women.

This evening I met up with one of my old girlfriends. It was nice to see her but more than that I knew she knew how I felt. I knew she felt my pain. Somehow this was so comforting. Yesterday I spoke to my Tía, and she reminds me over and over to always think positive, we are in God’s hands. Today, I received an email from my brother that says he thinks about Zach every single day. ----- What I am trying to say, all these small acts are comforting. There are many more gestures from my friends and family that helps me cope everyday. I think it is sometimes hard for people around me to know what to say but I feel this way also. I am sometimes so consumed with my thoughts on Afghanistan, the war and my son that I think everyone must be concerned with these issues as well. I zone out the fact that everyone has a life and things are happening around me.

Think positive, pray and remember our service men and women.

I love you Zach and my family.
Be safe.

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