Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dad's first November 19, 2009

By now my son has been in Afghanistan for two days My heart aches for him. I now know how my father felt as he told me "the Army will just send you to war that is what they do", I still entered the army after college. My son and I are very close and when he first said he was going in the military and not to college part of me was very happy as he was not sure of what he wanted to do the army would allow him time to mature and save money for college. But another part of me realized that the possibility of Zach going to either Afghanistan or Iraq was very real. Now that he has deployed part of me second guess's my support of him and the army not because I don't support the military or our struggle to live free and let others do the same, but because he is my son! What makes me different than any other parent whose child has been called to duty? The answer is nothing I love my child and will worry and pray for his safe return. I know he will do his duty. To me he is already a hero, he joined in a time of war and went airborne, even though he is afraid of heights! The courage and strength it took to go through that demonstrates how special he is. I have been hesitant to write because I don't want this to be political but I can't hide my anger over our weak president who chooses to wait while boots are on the ground to make a decision on his "new" strategy. I think he is in over his head! On the other hand I know Zach volunteered and I applaud him for making that decision. I get my strength from my family my - lovely wife, my quiet daughter who sometimes holds things inside, my extended family kids who are so very special to me! Eline thank you so much for the email. And Zach is so strong but still my little boy, he made me make promise to him that I will do my best to keep because it will be my way to keep him always near me! We will climb that mountain together! I know it has only been days but I miss him. He is my bud. I love you Zach with all my heart!

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  1. my heart, soul and prayers are with you and with your family, I see Zach's face everywhere they talk about the war..and that is a good thing because it keeps it real and reminds me we have people we love and cherish who are there, doing our work for us...God Bless...and thanks