Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009

Day 365
Mom - Is today DAY 365? I am not even sure. When does the count down start? I looked at his orders again and I can’t tell. I think the countdown starts when he actually arrives in Afghanistan but I hope it starts today. I am going to start today because I need to start counting down – I had to say good-bye, until the next time I hear his voice or maybe I will be lucky enough to see his face via Skype.

Today we tied yellow ribbons around the trees that are aligned with the road. We had him be with us to tie one ribbon around one tree before he left and I will wait for him to take that ribbon down.

I am thinking about my son because I know he is filled with all sorts of emotions. I know that he didn’t say everything to me that was in his head and heart because he doesn’t want me to worry. He is leaving on a journey that is new to him and unknown so I know that must be worrisome. I am comforted (and I think he is as well) for the fact that he will be going with soldiers who are experienced and who are strong both mentally and with their training.

I wonder how his sister is feeling, our oldest? She is not one to express her feelings and she always portrays her strength. I think politically we are all frustrated with what feels like limbo with respect to Afghanistan. I think we wonder why some people don’t understand how we feel. I know that my emotions are strong but I also know that my boy is out there, as a volunteer, so that all of our sons and daughters don’t have to. I sometimes wonder if our military was not volunteer would our leaders, my neighbors that are content with how things are moving, would have their son or daughter fight under the same conditions.

As for now, I don’t know --- it is what it is----

I love you Zach

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