Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 318

Mom – Day 318

Have you ever been sick? Lying in bed after an operation? I have had many operations in my life and I remember the times I would just lie in bed, not wanting to be there, super impatient. What is one suppose to do – nothing. So everyday I would say to myself, I am one day closer from feeling better. That is how I feel, just waiting impatiently, not being able to do anything except saying, “we are one day closer from Zach coming home”. I never really relaxed because I feel like I am stuck in bed, just waiting.

Zach asked me the other day for the url for this blog and I told him that maybe he shouldn’t read it until he comes home – I am not sure if this was right or wrong. I don’t want him to know how I feel everyday, I don’t need him to worry. I do know that my daughter doesn’t read this either. I am okay with that, in fact, glad she doesn’t read this because she has to deal with Zach’s deployment in her own way.

I love you Zach – Be Safe

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