Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 307 Dad

Very busy morning all was going well, then while checking the news I noticed that 2 soldiers had been killed in Eastern Afghanistan, and there was that gut punch again. I checked the on line information and it was all military press releases no definitive locations. I planned on calling Zach and had brought the information for the calling card so during my lunch, I called. I was relieved when he answered and then his next words sent a chill down my spin. “I can’t talk Dad, we are in a black out.” A quick I love you and then the line went silent. A black out – this is what happens when there has been a casualty in a unit and all communications have to cease until the families of those injured or killed have been notified. It is hard to hear that but on the other hand he answered the phone!!! A knot still exists in my stomach and my heart weeps for the families of those who lost their lives and I pray that all Americans understand and appreciate the sacrifice put forth by our military men and women. Soon military personnel will be headed to Haiti to help in the recovery. Zach's best friend Shane who is with the 82nd Airborne's 2nd Brigade Combat Team will be going! America to the rescue, as usual, as normal as expected! It must be nice for those who think America is the ill of the world to be able to spew venom but still know that in times of need we will be there! Selective appreciation, selective patriotism, selective despise. Early Americans our fore fathers called them "sunshine patriots", those who want to reap the rewards of a free society without the courage to keep it free or live in true freedom! I believe in freedom! God bless all of our men and women in uniform and all of those who risk their lives in the service of others and God Bless America. Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things, God bless you Zach and you are superman, and I love you and miss you immensely.

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