Tuesday, January 19, 2010

301 Dad

I spoke to Zach for nearly an hour yesterday it was nice to not talk of being in the field, but he was in good spirits hanging out on his bunk talking about just things. He had finally received his Christmas present though I had let the cat out of the bag weeks earlier he was still excited. He actually received a dozen or so boxes and I thought how nice, it is almost like Christmas morning every time he receives a package, what’s in it, what’s good to eat? It is special for him and he deserves that considering what he has to endure to receive this “special treatment.” I hope that all soldiers are receiving packages and they are as excited as he is to get them. 19 years old, in a foreign land, carrying a rifle and constantly surrounded by many who would not be his friend to say the least and he is still a little boy at heart. That is Zach, always mischievous and up to something he must get that from his mother. He is my bud and I miss him so much and I look forward to fishing and hunting with him along with all the other things we enjoy and took for granted, just to watch a Pats, Sox, Bruins or Celtics game together. I guess we learn what is important and who in our life is important. You are Superman I love you bud!

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