Friday, January 1, 2010

Dad 319

A new year - so much maybe too much or is it? Another day a new year Zach still in Afghanistan - what's changed. A new year is supposed to be such a happy time that is why we say Happy New Year right? Why? Because we wish for a happy new year - again nothings changed! I was kind of depressed this morning as I thought about things like nothing has changed - however .... so much can be better! Have I done all I could to reach my personal goals as I am far behind where I thought I would be. One wonders about self worth, and achievement, wealth, health and all the good in life that we as Americans expect and many work for. But the new year offers an opportunity to move ahead to reach back and drive forward, for me though it means more we are one day closer to Zach being home safe and sound, and a new year sounds better as he is scheduled to redeploy in 2010. Oh I have my goals, the things I want to do resolutions if you will, but for me Zach coming home safe and sound - that is priority one except for the promise I made which hopefully will be achieved the rest will be gravy! Life is pretty good, I love my family and I love you Zach, you are superman. I miss you take care, be safe I love you!


  1. Happy New Year Lisa...I wish you a peaceful,calm where you can find a safe place in your head and heart to wait for Zach, a place that offers you strength...I wish you the fastest year in history and Zach's safe return at it's end...keep on being you, you make all mothers proud.....peace

  2. Some days it is very hard and then there are people like you that give me that extra strength that keep me going - thank you