Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 313

Mom – Day 313

Today I was brave because it was the first time that I didn’t wear waterproof mascara. I should have waited! Don’t jump to conclusions – this is not a bad thing – I cried because I was happy and I was sad, I cried as a relief. I had a chance to call and speak to Zach today for 20 minutes solid. I missed his call the other day so it was nice to hear his voice today. We talked about a lot of things. It was a great conversation. He said that the other day he had the opportunity to shower, have his clothes washed and eat a real meal. He said how it felt so good to be clean and to wear socks that weren’t crusty. He also said that the food tasted good, a stir-fry, but he got sick from it. He got sick from the food because he wasn’t use to eating a “real” meal. He also said that he was doing his job. I don’t know how to describe the tone in his voice other then he sounded “okay” when he said that he was out there, doing his job.

I am proud of you Zach, I love you – Be Safe

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