Monday, January 11, 2010

309 Dad

Words really can’t describe the feelings of a person who has a loved one in the military and in harm’s way when you hear on the news that more servicemen have been killed. Such was the case again this morning on my way to work, and I hear that 3 servicemen lost their lives in combat, while we were sleeping safe and sound in our beds. It is like being punched in the gut every time as a fear grips you and then you spend the next hours frantically looking for information it is like an obsession a twisted demented obsession which I go through whenever I hear about a casualties. I begin the search of the web to find out where or if names were released and it seems that all press releases are the same for the first few hours after casualties, and every time I know I have new gray hair. I haven’t talked to Zach for a while and I really miss him, but sometimes it is ok just to know that he is ok. He is superman and he will be ok! I love you Zach with all my heart and more than mere words can describe.

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