Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 312

Mom – Day 312

Today I bumped into someone I know and she was telling me about her experience when her brother was deployed to Iraq. She said she was never one to follow the news but once her brother was deployed she couldn’t help but read, listen, or watch the news. That is how I feel. There are times though, when I have to shut out the news but then I worry that I missed something. I also think that everyone knows that Zach is in Afghanistan – I mean, I assume everyone knows and if I don’t know someone, I tell him or her. I forget often that NO, not everyone knows or remembers that he is in Afghanistan. I don’t know why I do this; after all I am the last one to claim I remember where everyone’s son or daughter is – after High School. My memory is like a sieve. Sometimes, I impose too much information on people, assuming they must want to know how Zach is. Just bare with me – I need to let someone know.

I love you Zach – Be Safe

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