Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 306

Mom – Day 306

I knew that yesterday I felt different. I was really stressed about not knowing how Zach was. I really felt sick to my stomach and uneasy. When I heard Zach was okay my body felt like I released something that was squeezing me. I do not know how to describe it but I know I will never forget that feeling. I was right; Zach had a bad bad day yesterday. I wish he never had to experience these things, I wish he were still young and innocent to the evils of this world. Please say a prayer to the families of the soldiers that were killed. Say a prayer to their moms, wives, and loved ones that they will never get to touch again.

I love you Zach – Please Be Safe


  1. I know now our feelings were warrented. I am so glad I took early retirement from nursing as I dont think there is anyway I would be able to focus on patients. Im afraid Ill have a breakdowm b4 this is all over. Im blessed to know Robert and Zach are ok at least for now. I am praying for all of them and especially all of the moms..........

  2. one day at a time - that is all we can do