Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 317

Mom – Day 317

I get nervous when I don’t hear from Zach. My mind goes over scenario over scenario – which is useless because there are so many scenarios of what he could be doing. What comforts me somewhat is to know that he is okay. As Galen wrote on the blog, we couldn’t get in touch with Zach today but we know that he was online today. At least someone heard from him today. Now if I could only stop biting my nails.

Today I heard from an old friend. She is the type of friend that a year (or sometimes more) would go by before we get in touch but it doesn’t matter because we would just pick up our conversation where we left off. So I had to tell her about Zach joining the military and say “by the way, Zach is in Afghanistan right now”. It felt funny because even though I spoke to her last over a year ago, it seemed like only yesterday but when I was telling her how Zach left in November, it felt like it was so so long ago and I can’t fathom how long the next 317 days will be. Time is precise but the perception of time differs.

I love you Zach – Be Safe

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