Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 289

Mom – Day 289

I had the opportunity to speak to Zach today. He texted my sister telling her he wanted to hear from us. It is funny that she can receive his texts and she can send texts to him (if it goes through) but we can’t. – Well anyways, I am glad that I didn’t know what he was doing yesterday or where he was going because I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. Those convoys make me nervous. He did mention how they passed Kabul and how he was amazed by it. We didn’t have much time for him to talk about it (because that piece really interests me) but he said that he saw a women’s university, people in button-up shirts and houses – real houses, not made of mud. He also said the further he went from Kabul the further you went back in time. At the end of our conversation I told him that I loved him and for him to stay safe, and he said that he needed to be smart and STAY ALIVE. Staying alive is their motivator.

I love you Zach – Please Be Safe

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