Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 307

Mom – Day 307

I am so exhausted now, I feel like I was in a fight. I know that part of it stems from the fact that I am still forgetting to take my meds but all in all today was not a good day. I woke up to the news of the earthquake in Haiti and then I hear that two soldiers were killed in Eastern Afghanistan. I was worried all day, sick to my stomach and then Galen said he spoke to Zach for less than a minute. Zach could not talk. When I received the text from Galen telling me that Zach was okay I was so relieved but my body needed time to feel that relief. I had to leave my meeting for a bit to wipe the tears, and then I couldn’t stop shaking. I remembered my mom at that moment (who passed away) and I could hear her saying to take in sugar to calm myself. So here I was gulping Coca-Cola (which I never drink). Then finally, I felt the tension in my shoulders, neck and head. I hated the feeling! I emailed my friend Mary to make sure her son was safe. After that, I heard from Shane who is also in the military and I found out that he will be headed to Haiti. I think I developed more wrinkles on my forehead today.

Zach, I love you – Be Safe

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