Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 77

Mom – Day 77

The first football game for our school is today. I don’t particularly enjoy football, nor do I really understand it but I tend to go to most of the games. Football season, ski season and lacrosse season make me think a lot of Dal and Zach. Although Zach and Dal talk and watch almost every sport, these sports are events that I seem to attend at the High School level. It gives me an opportunity to be part of a bond (sports) that I would not otherwise be part of. At the High School when the kids play these sports, they are so excited and emotional about it – as if it were the most important thing in the world. There is a sense of innocence about it. There is also the feeling that one belongs to a community. Zach and Dal still email about sports here at the High School and I know that that is a time where that sense of innocence and community take over the thoughts of Zach’s everyday life in Afghanistan. Many times, one can take a look at sports and leisure activities to get a better understanding of one’s culture and way of thinking. Sports can say a lot about one’s character and what is important. – of course this is coming from someone that doesn’t watch sports but I try and pay attention to something!

I love you Zach and I miss you

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