Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 56 Dad

As I looked at the world today, I was amazed by what is around us, life just rambles on no one seems to care what else is going on. We are such a me planet, despite how much we have so many – too many are just fixated on me and what I don’t have. These thoughts have been nagging me over the time that Zach has been in Afghanistan, probably because we couldn’t just pick up a phone any time or visit just to give him a hug.

So much is taken for granted but I look at the world so differently now, I am still the ardent fiscal conservative I have always been and still the fiscally conscious social moderate that I have always been but I give thanks for what I have. I have become much less consumed with worrying about what others have. My family is what makes me who I am. While I will work to enjoy some material things primarily I will work to be able to enjoy my family. This spring as Lisa and I struggled with numerous issues some associated with Zach, I started this transformation and it has helped me cope.

Since this spring I really have begun to look at the world differently. I am blessed to have all the love I have from my wife, my children and the many exchange kids who have come into our home and into our family. I love them all deeply, and feel that I am the richest man in the world.

Even today as I feel my diverticulitis acting up probably due to the stress I feel knowing how close Zach is to being out of Afghanistan my tenseness is somewhat comforted as I look around at the pictures of my beautiful family (A gift from Victoria – Thank you!). And as Zach’s time in Afghanistan winds down I must transform as I talked about yesterday, but to keep my perspective on things, continue to live for the love of my family, and give thanks to God my creator for my blessings. What a year it has been eyes opened, things changed – remained the same or perhaps just a different light that shines upon them.

Zach you are superman, you are my hero, and I love you bud!

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