Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 76

Mom – Day 76

Today’s entry will be from Facebook. We couldn’t get through to Zach today to speak to him but we noticed that he did have the opportunity to go on Facebook today. He hasn’t been on Facebook for a long long time (a couple of months). Dal posted a comment about the causalities that the 173rd suffered the other day and Zach posted the following:
“Yeah it inverted the blast hull of the MATV. It was extremely small IED too. The MATV are the new version of the MRAP. These are the trucks we use. The MATV's are completely replacing the MRAPS. These MATV's have been known to be a lot weaker then expected and weaker then the MRAP. However despite this they are fielding only MATV's now because that’s the new contract....”

I love you Zach

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