Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 74 Dad

We tried to reach Zach several times over the weekend. Today we were finally able to talk to him. He is so ready to leave and believes he only has about 3 weeks or so out in the Combat out post. That is a small outpost that the army uses to conduct missions from and is kind of out by itself. He is been there for most of the summer. He also said most of the time he has left will be out in the field. He will be glad when his tour comes to an end and so will his parents.

Today we had a nice ride looking for moose and just sightseeing. It was nice and I had football practice this evening. I took Zach's jeep because it is good to run plus I feel closer to Zach when I drive it and I need to feel close to him.

You are superman, I love you so much Zach.

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