Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 58 Dad

“I found out what a Dragunov rifle sounds like!” This is how Zach started our conversation on Sunday. A Dragunov is Russian designed sniper rifle which is made by several countries for export now. While he was engaged in a firefight, Zach said he was targeted by a sniper who thankfully missed. He said this so casually and with little emotion in either direction. The weekend was one of the worst he had seen in Afghanistan with firefights almost continuously as the “peace-loving” taliban attempted to disrupt the elections. Zach described one particular incident which occurred over the weekend where the taliban tied an informant to two vehicles and then they were driven in opposite directions to send a message to anyone about collaborating with the Americans. Zach said he heard that more children were killed by the taliban for simply talking to the Americans. Then more disturbing news that he was unable to engage the enemy all day yesterday despite the constant barrage of bullets and rocket propelled grenades being fired at them. What in the %^&$ is that?

This ^%$# has to stop and we need to either kill the bad guys to send them a message or get out. Zach said they know how to fight with out provoking a response from the Americans due the constrictive rules of engagement the Americans must follow. Zach said he is very worried about this type of warfare and how those arriving to replace him will be able to stay safe. Our intent was to rid that land of al queda and the taliban then that is what we should do! If a round is fired at our men and women in uniform we respond to ensure no second round will be fired. Other wise this is all just a song and dance that is resulting in the death and dismemberment of a generation of young people.

Zach was also very upset about the so-called pastor in Florida who was going to burn the Qur’an. He was pissed because of what was happening in Afghanistan, they were never told the burning did not happen so the animosity toward the Americans was very high. He felt that he was fighting there for freedom for all people and to end oppression. He felt the book burning was just another way to oppress and that Americans we’re better than that. It was interesting to hear his prospective on the mosque at ground zero which he also says is causing a stir and just the war in general. He is very principled and believes that he is fighting for freedom and to free an oppressed people but if we don’t exercise the same principles that we want others to follow then what is it all for? Very wise words from one so young but heed we must as he is on the saber point of that struggle for freedom.

God Bless all of our men and women in uniform. You are superman, I love you Zach!

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