Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 57 Dad

I saw on Facebook that some members of the 173rd Special Troops BN (Airborne) started arriving back in Bamberg Germany where they are stationed. I got an email from Zach he completed his last scheduled combat mission. He is working his way back to Forward Operating Base Shank. Zach indicated it won't feel good until his feet are on the ground in Germany. He was concerned that the rest of his team remains out in the field for a couple more missions.

I am still tense, still concerned it has become part of me to fell this way it is part of who I am now. It is weird but some part of my days is consumed with all things military, political, what is Afghanistan and who the taliban and al queda are. I feel like as Zach transitions from a being in a combat mode to just being a soldier, our family must also transition from a wartime family to just being a family.

Almost there! You are my hero Zach, you are superman and I love you bud!

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