Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 53

Mom – Day 53

Dal is finally home from the hospital (I don’t know how he did it, somehow he convinced the doctor). Although he is out of the hospital he is still under strict doctor’s care.
Zach emailed Dal and I today. Zach did say that he is finally at COP Carwile and he will be off to Shank soon. “ I am heading to FOB shank tomarra packing up the last of my gear. I am keeping just enough stuff for the next few weeks. I am hoping I will head back here to do a few more missions once I am done my business at shank. Our team has done some really good work especially this last month……………..I want to make sure I have my things right when I get to Germany. Like already here, I don’t have the right clothes. We where supposed to leave this month but kept pushing it further away. I shipped most of my cold weather gear. During the day it gets up into the 90's but at night its goes sometimes into the 20's. I woke up the other day on the side of the mountain covered in frost. I might have to buy some stuff when I get to shank. Well thats about it. I miss you guys, hope all is well.”

Zach I love you

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