Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 67

Mom – Day 67

I just read Dal's last two posts - I guess we had similar thoughts going through our heads - I wrote this blog entry prior to reading Dal's entries. -

All we hear in the news is about the building of a mosque (community center) near ground zero. I hear over and over how Muslims will be upset around the world thinking the US is anti-Muslim if it is not constructed. Then I read on the Internet how there are protests in Kabul. The protesters are chanting “death to Christians” and to the Americans. Then I wonder, what is my son doing in Afghanistan? Is he not there trying to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? The direct benefit, and immediate benefit, would be to the people of Afghanistan – the children, the women of Afghanistan. The majority of the people living in Afghanistan and Iraq are Muslims. I also wonder how tolerant are the countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia – do I need to continue – how tolerant are these countries to other religions? I will never forget watching people jumping from one of the Twin Towers because these people decided that they were going to end their lives on their terms. I remember the fear that we all felt on 9/11 and this fear was presented to us by radical “MUSLIMS” not radical Christians or another radical groups. Honestly, I would rather see that we leave all of those countries alone and pull out of everywhere – Iraq and Afghanistan. If they don’t want us there then we should leave. I am so angry.
At the same time that I am so ANGRY and disgusted that my son is fighting in a place that no one seems to care about, I also feel that the bi-product of this war is a better place for the women and children of Afghanistan. I tell myself that many of these women and children have no voice; we only seem to hear the voices that want to silence all that don’t agree with them. Greg Mortenson and Khaled Hosseini’s books really give me hope that one day there will be a difference in the lives of some of these women and children. I love the quote that Mortenson uses in his book, Stones into Schools, where he quotes a saying from Africa that goes like this, “You educate a boy and you educate an individual, you educate a girl and you educate a community.” I really believe that a woman can make a huge impact on society. It is the woman who gives birth and nurtures her child (given the opportunity – since many children are sent to Madrassas). The woman is often taken out of the equation as being not as important, not as smart, etc. but I think this where something went wrong.
I have to have hope and Mortenson has shown me that there are some people in these countries that want a better life.

I love you Zach

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