Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 68 Dad

We talked to Zach today and it is hard, he is so close and still going out on missions and has been tasked with yet another. What a trooper tired yet he goes on. This evening we went up to see one of Zach's friends who is in the Marines and is now home from Okinawa, and will be headed to Cherry Point NC for his next duty station. His mom was saying that it was hard for her to send him off and that she couldn't imagine how we felt with Zach in Afghanistan.

The military is a hard transition for those serving and their families. These young men and women are charged to do incredible things with incredible equipment, Then they come home and they are kids again pampered by parents and just hanging out. How sad that these young people who are old enough to fight for others freedom in a foreign country are not even free to have a beer in their own. I just don't get it! These young people have earned special privileges.

They should have our respect we should honor them and never forget the sacrifice they make daily leaving childhood behind! All Americans should be thankful, freedom it is not free! Thank God that there have always been those willing to fight for it and defend it!

Zach you are my hero, you are superman and I love you!

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