Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 287

Mom – Day 287

I am reading the book, Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson. I would like to just read through it but I don’t have enough spare time to do this. I am not far enough into the book to comment a lot other than; it is interesting to read this story about one person and what one person can do.

While I was writing this blog, I received a Facebook message about an old friend of mine. She is my age, and she is in the hospital diagnosed with cancer. They don’t give her long, maybe a few months. She never had the opportunity to marry or have children; she was so driven in everything that she did. I admired her so. She is such a good person; I can’t help but wonder sometimes why these things happen to such good people. I am so upset with myself because I am always busy; I never have enough time for the people I care about. I knew that I was going to see her in a couple of months so I thought we could catch up then. I need to go now.

Zach, I love you – Be Safe

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