Thursday, February 4, 2010

285 Dad

Three US service members were killed in a bomb blast in Pakistan, while this is tragic it is more sick what followed the first paragraph of this article. “Three U.S. soldiers traveling with Pakistan security force members were killed Wednesday and one wounded in a roadside bombing in northwest Pakistan that also injured dozens of schoolgirls”. officials said. This was important because it showed that US trainers are “on Pakistani soil at a time when anti-American sentiment over perceived violations of sovereignty is running high. U.S. and Pakistani authorities rarely talk about the training program out of fear it could generate a backlash”, the article went on to say. The militants celebrated this as a great victory, and did I miss something? The article indicated that the bomb “injured dozens of schoolgirls” and there is no backlash against the militants for this. I am sure the end justified the means as usual with these people without regard for innocent life. It was all in the name of their god! Does this really carry favor with their deity? It turns out that several of these kids died, that is a tragedy! I am tired of the media and other despots around the world candy coating these people. These are sick individuals who are bent on doing evil in the world, they ware without hearts and souls and I question at times what our world is coming to for not immediately condemning them as such!. Political correctness is an idea whose time has come and gone. These thugs are evil - period>>>. Thank you Zach and all our service people who are tirelessly striving to bring security to a world filled with evil! You are superman and I love you with all my heart!

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