Friday, February 19, 2010

270 Dad

I thought as I read and saw articles about the Taliban using women and children as human shields near Marjah how some people can actually consider these murderous thugs as freedom fighters. Then I realize you can lead people to the truth but can’t make them believe. It is part of what makes America great and part of what divides us. Nearly a half century ago one of my heroes Martin Luther King said “the truth will set us free!” While I fully believe that – I am also reminded the truth is only a partial factor but the perception of truth lies in the mind of the recipient of the truth. For example, political ideologies typically determine acceptance of the truth of a particular candidate or issue. In these circumstances I wish we could set aside biases, the truth is this Taliban and Al Qaeda are thugs, murderers and terrorist, they have proven it over and over again! Additionally the truth is our son is part of a coalition of forces in Afghanistan to deal with these thugs. Thank you to all who are serving at the forefront of freedom! Zach you are superman and I love you!

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