Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 285

Mom – Day 285

I have tried to contact Zach but I can’t. I noticed that he was on Facebook yesterday so I was hoping he was someplace (like a FOB). When I tried calling him, it went to a computerized voice in a different language – in other words, not available. Once again, I am a bit worried but I don’t know why.

I had to leave so I didn’t get to finish this blog until now. I was right; as I was on my way home I was told to call Zach. By this time it was late for him so I was even more worried! Once I called him, he told me that he got a promotion. He also said he just wanted to talk – he was a bit down. We talked and then Galen came home and talked to him some more. He didn’t want to get off the phone – I wish he were here so that I could give him a hug.

He was out again on a mission. He sounds pretty confident in himself, with respect to his job. I feel good about that. He also bumped into another Mt. Blue, Farmington graduate. I think he was happy to see a familiar face.

I love you Zach and I miss you – Be Safe

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