Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 268

Mom – Day 268

There are a lot of things that I want to write about in the blog but you won’t hear anything about Zach because I have no clue as to how he is doing. I don’t know if he has come back from his mission yet or if he is still out there. At the moment I don’t know anything. I am just waiting to hear something from him from anywhere. I was on vacation this week and I thought for some stupid reason that I would be able to communicate with him (I could call in the morning therefore I could accommodate the 9 ½ hours difference in time zones – so I thought). Well, it may be that I can’t get a hold of him because there have been several blackouts (with all of the fighting taking place).

So Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had an opportunity to visit a women’s college in Saudi Arabia. I find it interesting that such a powerful woman who had a shot of being president of the United States went to a country that does not allow women to hold “important positions” in government or should I say, women make up only 5% of the workforce so they are not allowed many positions period. I don’t understand the justification of all of these men interpreting Islamic rules. Why is it that there are so many rules placed on how a woman dresses, if she can work, in many cases who she can marry, when she can leave her home, if she can be educated …….. Why is it that some man decides her fate? Did you know that Saudi Arabia has McDonalds and Pizza Hut (to name a few) and they too have segregated eating areas so that the women can have proper time to cover up in front of a man (remember, they don’t work so there are only waiters) – but I guess they should be thankful for having the opportunity to go to a restaurant at all. Or that women cannot testify in court because women are to emotional, forgetful and whatever other ignorant things they can come up with. Remember that being a woman or for that matter, a man that believes this may be wrong, have to be careful because there exists the religious police – the mutawween. I am talking about Saudi Arabia but I can easily be talking about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Oman, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (although many changes have been made here), etc, etc… The following Youtube might interest you.

I love you Zach and I hope I hear from you soon. Be Safe

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  1. I am sure that every blackout brings a chill down their spines. I liken it to hearing a code blue in the hospitals.